I’m passionate about tech and business and I’m involved since 2007 in the startup scene. Since 2013, mainly based in Berlin with a strong link to Madrid and daily links to Europe.

I manage programs, give talks, mentor entrepreneurs and organize events related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

I believe in #givefirst, hard work, relationships and coopetition to foster a healthy and competitive business ecosystem in Europe.


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Special fields

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750+ startups/entrepreneurs mentored.
500+ interviews to entreprenuers in selection processes.
350+ achievements, including:

  • 75+ accelerators, programs, and events mentored and tutored
  • 75+ courses taught
  • 75+ conferences given
  • 20+ roundtables moderated and participated in
  • 60+ courses, accelerators and weekend events mentored and tutored
  • 50+ events organized as a regular organizer
  • 25+ special events organized and co-organized
  • 10+ interviews given
  • 10+ articles written and books contributed to
  • 50+ cities worked in

Working on:

I’m working on various entrepreneurship, startup and digital transformation related projects in Spain, Berlin and Europe:

  • Founder of theBizTour. We help companies to expand their businesses throughout Europe by providing customer discovery for startups in Germany and Spain.
  • Founder of emprelab. We work with organizations that help entrepreneurs by offering training, consultancy, and services, such as investment forums and accelerator programs, from strategy to execution.
  • Academic director, professor, and mentor at European Coworkings EOI, an international acceleration program for Spanish entrepreneurs. In four editions we worked with 240 entrepreneurs in 19 different countries and 41 partners. In charge of the selection process, training design.
  • Professor, tutor and course director at EOI. Courses about Lean Startup, business models, Marketing 2.0, technology, financing, and entrepreneurship for university students.
  • Approved consultant at ICEXNext program, by ICEX. Program for Spanish SMEs to start or consolidate their international business.
  • Mentor and teacher at Go2Work EOI. Pre-acceleration program by EOI. Seven editions in Madrid, participation in other Spanish cities and on-line programs.
  • Professor at UNIR University. Seminars about Lean Startup and business creation.
  • Mentor and collaborator. Various accelerator programs and startup creation events including, Tetuan ValleyStartup Weekend, Hardware.co (Berlin)
  • Organizer and co-organizer. Events related to entrepreneurship, startups, technology, and internationalization, such as #debate10, #internacionalizate, #joinbiz10, Startup Weekend Madrid.

Playing an active role in Europe’s digital and entrepreneurship industries, I’m a speaker and organizer for international events. I have been publishing my blog since 2004, here the main topics are events of the digital economy, and the creation of startups. My professional scope covers Spain and the rest of Europe, and I have been based in Berlin since 2013.

With a long-standing interest in the digital industry, I have actively participated in many projects related to entrepreneurship, startups and digital transformation and have subsequently become familiar with the technologies and relevant people in the sector in Spain, Berlin and Europe. With a background based in engineering, I have always worked extensively in the digital sector, always focused on the creation of new projects and companies.

Bio to be published:

Short version:

“Entrepreneur, consultant and mentor for startups, open innovation and digital transformation. Speaker, professor, mentor, and organizer for conferences and initiatives related to entrepreneurship, lean startup, and European startups. Currently helping companies to expand throughout Europe.

Long version:

“Entrepreneur, consultant and mentor for startups, new technologies and businesses,  open innovation and digital transformation. Founder of emprelab, providing entrepreneurship consultancy and training services, and theBizTour, helping companies to expand throughout Europe. He’s based in Berlin and Madrid.

He works as a professor, tutor, and course director with business schools and universities such as EOI, UNIR. He’s approved consultant of ICEX Next program. 

Currently involved with startups, agile methodologies, digital transformation, European innovation, and business by pushing the startup scene and fostering connections in Europe.

Playing, during the last 10 years, an active role in Europe’s digital and entrepreneurship industries, he is a speaker and organizer for industry events and programs like Hardware.co (Berlin)Tetuan Valley y Startup Weekend.

From 2016 he’s involved, as academic director, in a European project: European Coworkings EOI; in 5 editions, more than 240 entrepreneurs took part, having more than 40 partners in 19 different countries”

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Conferences, Talks, events, Programs:

In the past:

  • Co-organizer at Hispanic Startups Berlin.
  • Teacher at UNIR Business School. MBA and Master for entrepreneurs.
  • Co-founder of virtualyou. Agency specializing in virtual worlds. Working to create virtual classrooms, adapt learning content and organize virtual events. Also specializes in the creation of projects for simulations and telecommuting.
  • Member of the crew of Agile Entrepreneurship Spain, association to spread agile methodologies organizing events, montly and other international events in Madrid.
  • Collaborative Partner with LITI-DMAMI-UPM (Laboratory of Innovation in Information Technologies) at UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid). Offering advice them about Web 2.0 and I share experiences about the relationship between universities and industry.

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